Naish’s Chuck Patterson has earned himself his fair share of frequent flier miles these past 6 months! He recently caught a flight to Japan to not only share his SUP expertise at local Naish demo’s and workshops, but to also participate in the Lake Motosu Naish Paddle Challenge.

Extreme paddlers arrived in large numbers from all over Japan to join in on the N1SCO ONE festivities, which included camping, BBQ’ing, race tech workshops, SUP & long distance racing and the most exciting race of all, the Naish ONE Inflatable Sprint Race. Chuck demonstrated various SUP race & sprint technic workshops over the course of 2 days to help prepare crowds of excited paddlers who were all pumped on getting on the water to apply they’re new racing skills.

Soon after, the Naish ONE Sprint races were held, which were insane, because everyone was so excited to put what they learned about sprinting & buoy turns to work; all while using the same Naish ONE Inflatable Race boards! It was incredible to see the camaraderie all the participants showed toward one another – that’s exactly what these races are all about!

The future of Inflatable SUP’ing is very bright in Japan & Chuck can’t wait to go back! From exploring the beautiful city of Tokyo, hiking part of Mt. Fuji to SUP surfing in Zushi, Chuck has officially earned the nickname “Samurai Chuck” by his new friends & family in Japan.

Special thanks to Maro-San of Naish Japan and to all the great paddlers & friends made on this special trip.

Until next time!

Top 3 Finishers in the Naish ONE Races:


1st   Hidehiko Fukushima    1:06:07

2nd  Takashi  Miyakawa      1:07:06

3rd   Fumihiro Sano             1:09:05