May 19, 2015, River Thames, LondonUK hosted the first stop on the 2015 N1SCO World Tour at the Battle of the Thames, on the river Thames in London. This event was held in collaboration with N1SCO and the UK SUP Series — an ongoing UK event in which competitors gain points towards an overall score. The event was quite the success, reaching full capacity with 162 athletes competing in a range of different divisions, one of which was held solely on 12’6” Naish ONE inflatable paddleboards. Painting an atmosphere of lively competition amidst a sea of yellow boards, it’s clear to see that Naish ONE racing is here to stay in the UK.

We’ve all seen SUP racers lining up at the start line waiting for a horn to go. It’s always a colorful and impressive site at any large race, with so many different styles and makes of boards. What it is even more impressive is seeing all the competitors wearing the same jersey and riding the same yellow Naish One inflatable board. The distinctive coloring of the yellow Naish Boards are not hard to miss, and as we can see since the last UK SUP race series held by Blue chip SUPer club on the Thames, the Naish One board has steadily increased in popularity.

There are five more events in the UK Sup Series that will be incorporating the Naish One inflatable board in its own racing class:

Bay SUP Battle of the Paddle June 6th more info here.
Naish One Design nationals 11th July more info here.
Norfolk Broads Classic 18th July more info here.
AV SUP Club in Southampton 3rd Oct more info here.
Waterborn SUP club in Kingsbridge 24th Oct more info here.

There are so many ways to get into racing in 2015 and it’s never been easier thanks to so many great events put on by SUP clubs and schools across the country. The Naish Nationals in Weymouth on July 11th is a great event to sign up for if you don’t have a board or aren’t ready to invest in one yet. To sign up and rent a board its only £25, or £15 if you have your own Naish One Design board. Now that’s cheap for a fun day of racing on the water! The Nationals is going to be more than just one race, it’s going to be a series of fun races throughout the day for all abilities, allowing everybody to get a feeling for paddle boarding and racing. In the past the event has got hundreds of new paddlers onto the water and into SUP, through various tester sessions. So there really is going to be something for everybody… Don’t miss out! 

Find out more about the Naish Nationals here and Book your place at the Nationals here. And for more information about Naish One racing and giving a Naish One board a go, contact Alex at Naish at You can also find them on Facebook @ UK Naish NISCO 12’6 Air board and race circuit.

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