N1SCO 2015 Australian Tour – Stop 6 – Newcastle

May 30, 2015, Newcastle, Australia – N1SCO returned to the east coast of Australia, to the welcoming town of Newcastle, for another year of great Naish One racing. Newcastle seems to have a habit of raining each time N1SCO comes to town, and this year was no different. However it seems that paddlers of Newcastle don’t mind a bit of rain in place for some awesome N1SCO fun. The Newcastle Rowing club was once again the venue, with DSS teaming up with SUP Diva’s and Kite & SUP.

After some of the worst weather on the east coast of Australia for 10 years, in retrospect one can say that the contest was actually a success with light showers and moderate winds. Some 30+ paddlers showed up ready to battle it out for the gold, with contestants showcasing their strengths by having the closest racing and best sprint battles of the tour so far. There were many returning paddlers from last year along with some great rivalry between training buddies. They kept the beach pumping in support as they ran through 200m and 400m sprints before a grueling 3 km distance race, of which 1.5 km was directly into a 15 knot head wind.

This year, many junior athletes took on the challenging course, as well as a very strong male and female contingent. It was an action packed day with loud commentating on the speakers and everyone watching and listening with anticipation for their turn in the water. Overall, the event was a remarkable success. A massive thanks goes out to Pete and the DSS team for hosting the event, and the SUP Diva’s and Kite and SUP for their support. The results for the day are below.

200m Sprints – Men’s
1st - Matt Van
2nd – Adam Pallister
3rd - Steve Thais

200m Women’s Sprints
1st – Vanessa Smith
2nd – Denise Kane
3rd – Mel Cedelland

200m Junior Boy’s Sprint
1st – Harrison Kane
2nd – Clayton Kane
3rd – Marshall Kane

200m Junior Girl’s Sprint
1st – Jennifer Legge
2nd – Natalie Legge

400m Men’s Sprint
1st – Matt Van
2nd – David Sorensen
3rd – Jamie Ferguson

400m Women’s Sprint
1st – Vanessa Smith
2nd – Mel Cedelland
3rd – Denise Kane

400m Junior Boy’s Sprint
1st – Harrison Kane
2nd – Clayton Kane

400m Junior Girls Sprint
1st -Natalie Legge

Distance Men’s
1st – David Sorenson
2nd – Luke Wagner
3rd – Adam Pallister

Distance Women’s
1st – Vanessa Smith
2nd – Mel Cedelland
3rd – Roxy Masters

Distance Junior’s
1st – Harrison Kane
2nd – Clayton Kane
3rd – Marshall Kane

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