The 2nd Annual Naish Lake Motosu Paddle Challenge was a huge success…yet again! Crowds of enthusiastic locals gathered to participate on the Naish ONE 12’6” inflatable SUP boards to take part in the assortment of sprint, distance and relay races over the course of two days. Naish Japan, the organizer of the event, welcomed an even wider variety of age groups and skill levels competing against one another in all four divisions. This year, Naish’s Kody Kerbox was on hand to stoke out participants with tips, tricks and plenty of Aloha as he lead numerous pre-race demos and classes to both introduce and help perfect the areas paddle community. He also participated in the numerous SUP races & found some sizeable swell to surf throughout the weekend, bringing a new level of competition to the usual calm Japanese waters.

“I was so happy to have made the journey and have a chance to paddle with so many great people! The highlight for me was watching the team relay take place…it was non-stop smiles and pure enjoyment the whole time. It just goes to show how great this sport is becoming and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.” – Kody Kerbox

Watch it all go down on Day 2 in this video clip:

Congratulations to all those that participated! Amazing job! See you next year!