Queensland, Australia, June 1, 2015 – It was a bright and sunny day in Queensland for the seventh stop of the N1SCO world tour – Australian Series.

As the southern states of Australia start to cool off going into winter, the sunshine coast stays warm and sunny, and as the N1SCO racers saw this Sunday, May 31, it was blue skies and a comfortable 82 degrees.

The hosts this year, Ocean Addicts and the Sunshine Coast SUP Club, put together an amazing event, at the perfect location and with an awesome group of paddlers. The contestants saw some tough competition, and while the athletes travelled from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, local Sunshine Coast area and even as far north as Yeppoon, it was anyone’s guess as to the victors for the day.

In usual N1SCO form the 100m Sprints got everyone warmed up, and the Ocean Addict Boy’s showed that they are not only a tight operation in store, but can walk the walk too taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd. And as always the Women’s heats were so close, the beach was on edge every time.

With a quick course direction change to spice things up, we hit the 200m Sprints. With the tides changing, tactics were key to success, often flipping the order and constantly changing leads. With exhausted paddlers, many dreaded the distance race. However, this did not stop the 45+ strong fleet of racers from powering through the tide and light head wind, and powering back towards the finish line in a speedy downwinder fashion.

The last race added a little humour and fun to the event– the 2 paddlers on 1 board relay. With plenty of spills and thrills the day ended with a great BBQ thanks to the Sunshine Coast SUP Club and a presentation with plenty of medals to go around and some awesome vouchers donated by the local cafés.

The official results below:

Men’s “A” Finals

100m Sprints
1st – Luke King
2nd – Tommy Carlsons
3rd – Jon Anderson

200m Sprints
1st – Ryan Keck
2nd – Tommy Carsons
3rd – Jens Mueller

Women’s “A” Finals

100m Sprints
1st – Sharlene Cribb
2nd – Karen Tate
3rd – Lorraine Paciullo

200m Sprints
1st – Vanessa Caley
2nd – Lorraine Paciullo
3rd – Sharlene Cribb

Men’s “B” Finals

100m Sprints
1st – Brendan Clark
2nd – Jens Mueller
3rd – Jason Oliphant

200m Sprints
1st – Jason Oliphant
2nd – Paul Shepherd
3rd – Luke King

The Distance Race

1st – Jens Mueller – 0:08.14
2nd – Dylan Constable – 0:08.21
3rd – Ryan Keck – 0:08.40

1st – Vanessa Caley – 0:10.14
2nd – Emma Clark – 0:10.27
3rd – Sharlene Cribb – 0:10.38

The Relay
1st – Team Jens
2nd – Naish Riders
3rd – Rumblers

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