The Naish ONE is an amazingly fast, stable and highly competitive race board.

The great advantage of the Naish ONE design board and the new SUP Class Organization is that it offers a fun, fair, and cost effective competition format for all contestants, regardless of size or experience.

Competition & Event Format

The Naish ONE provides a stable, economical and competitive racing class for those that don’t want to spend huge amounts on equipment every year.  You can measure your speed and abilities against other paddlers and not simply your equipment or check book against theirs.

Up to now, most SUP races have been long distance. One sees the competitors at the start or finish line with races lasting upwards of an hour. Although fun and a great discipline, watching long distance races can be a bit like watching the grass grow.

The new Naish ONE race formats are exciting, accessible, simple to set up and fun! All disciplines are easy to follow for spectators, the action is right there in front of everyone and it is thrilling to watch. There’s something for everyone, non-stop action on the water and events can happen in a day. Races can be local, regional, national and international.

The NISCO events are:

• Easy to understand
• Clearly visible from the beach or the shore
• Exciting to watch
• Fun to participate in
• Interesting for the media
• Simple to set up and run
• Fair
• 1 day, weekend or afternoon event
• Showcase different paddling skills and abilities from sprinters
to intermediate distance to long distance paddlers

The NISCO events add:

• Speed
• Excitement
• Fun for both competitors and spectators


NISCO competitions include long distance paddle races but also add new and faster disciplines that are exciting to watch and compete in and are easy to understand and follow.



  • 100m – 200m course
  • Elimination series
  • ONLY 2 buoys (start & finish)



  • 400m – 600m course
  • Elimination series
  • ONLY 2 buoys (start & finish)
  • Taking place on same course as the 100m sprint (= easy event set up)
  • ONLY 2 buoys (start & finish)
  • Includes turns in both directions (= does not favour either goofy or regular foot paddlers)


  • Approximately 10km (6miles) course
  • Same quick and easy event set up
  • ONLY 2 buoys (start & finish)
  • Standard long distance race (downwind or flat water)


  • 4 participants per team
  • Race on sprint or intermediate course
  • 2 buoys or one buoy and a flag on the beach mark the starting line/finish, 1 flat island/buoy marks the turning point

Team relay races are for everyone – families, kids, clubs!