September 6-7, 2014 – The N1SCO event at Lake Biwa Japan saw a fleet of over 60 racers on the Naish ONE as well as a fleet exceeding 180 riders in total over the weekend. Robby Naish also made a surprise appearance at the event, racing side by side with stoked paddlers of all ages!

The N1SCO Sprint races included a variety of technical buoy turns and hot fights for the lead during the morning hours while the Long Distance event provided participants with a great view of the beautiful scenery at Lake Biwa.

Sunday’s Open Class race (6KM) welcomed the “best of the best” in Japan on their composite boards and both Robby Naish and Michi Schweiger could not have been happier to see the 2015 Naish Javelins take top honors again.

The Open Class race was then followed by the N1SCO Team Relays where 27 teams of 4 competed against each other for their shot at the podium.

See the action HERE!

The relays were perhaps the best part of the overall event  as participants of all ages cheered and laughed their way through each leg, especially during the switch overs on the Naish Flat Island platforms!

The N1SCO Japan race at Lake Biwa showed the true spirit of what the N1SCO Class was designed for. Thanks to all competitors as well as to the tireless Naish team Japan for putting on such an amazing event!

Full Results HERE