February 20, 2016, Victoria, Australia – The 2nd round of the Australian 2016 Nisco Series was held in Victoria and went to the stunning coastal beach of Pt Leo on the Mornington Peninsula.

The 4th annual running of this event finally produced a cracking summer’s day and a small swell.

With a field of 35 competitors, the knockout format would prove to be a popular one, with everyone getting to paddle at least 3 rounds before the Men’s and Women’s finals.

The Nisco boards did their usual trick in ensuring a level playing field and allowed for some tight racing and epic wipeouts in the shorebreak. Competitors also had to master the beach run transition in the warm, gusty S/E breeze.

The course was lengthened for the Men’s and Women’s finals to test the finalists further. This also allowed for a short downwind leg to the finish and the possibility of snaring that elusive bump to victory.

Following the main race, a teams relay allowed everyone to join in once again to cheer, heckle and paddle for a fun finish.

A Huge thanks to Sup Vic & KR Sup Centre for running the event and also to Naish Australia for their on-going support in this now well established national series.

Men’s Race
1.  Steve Ferguson
2. Alistair Greenwood
3. Michael Abdilla

Women’s Race
1. Jean Ringrose
2. Lucy Bell
3. Tiga Gilbert

1. Miles Thomas

Relay Team
1. “ Old Fogies”