May 31, 2015, Brisbane, Australia – An unpredicted sunny morning with light offshore winds set the scene for an awesome day at Sutton’s Beach, Redcliffe for the SUP Centre Brisbane leg of the 2015 N1SCO Australian National Tour. The chilly winter temperatures didn’t deter numbers, with strong turnout of well over 30 competitors. After a quick briefing, the 200m Sprint heats got straight underway. To make use of the coastline and conditions a common “M” shape course was followed, however a swinging southerly breeze made getting out to the first buoy a challenge for some.

The Juniors were ever impressive giving the challenging course a good crack, with Kai Millen from Mackay sweeping the local competition away ahead of Kyle Trevor Jones, but as always it was great to see newcomers to the sport like Cody Horsfall from Brisbane, going hard and giving it a good blast.

In true N1SCO fashion, the Women’s heats were full of absolute carnage, and always a pleasure to watch. As a newcomer to the N1SCO scene but established paddler Cat Orme visiting down from Darwin showed a strong technique and consistent placing throughout her heats. With Mel Millen hot on her tail, everyone wondered—where were the Brisbane girls? Not to worry, in fine form, Kylie Jakins smashed the 400m race taking away a solid win clear ahead of the pack.

The Men’s heat’s were a competitive derby with the race to the first buoy providing some interesting jousting and acrobatic techniques. In the Master’s, Brisbane local Tony Nahrung was in full racing spirit in his “Mr Terrific” costume complete with wig, but nothing could stop Pat Travis-Jones from smoking the field with a clean slate for all distances. Naish Australia’s Andy Davies and Ollie Murphy-Kurth had a solid battle in the first round of racing with Andy just managing to keep the young fella at bay, while Darwin’s Tony James showed strong form along with Brisbane’s Brad Ridolfi in keeping the competition tight.

The day wrapped up just as the southerly wind kicked in, which called for a good old-fashioned Aussie BBQ to replenish the fuel and warm up some exhausted paddlers. The fantastic day, beautiful weather, excellent crowd and awesome equipment meant the SUP Centre Brisbane leg of the N1SCO tour was a huge success, putting smiles on everyone’s face and bringing the SUP community together as ONE.

A special mention to Mel, Joe & Kai from Adrenaline Rush, Cat and Tony from Fun Supply and of course Andy from Naish Australia for all of their help on the day which made the event spectacular. Thanks to Naish Australia for this unique event that showcases the awesomeness of SUP, and gives everyone a fair go. See you all next year!

See results below:

Men’s 200m Sprints
1st Ollie Murphy-Kurth
2nd Brad Ridolfi
3rd Tony James

Men’s 400m Sprints
1st Ollie Murphy-Kurth
2nd Brad Ridolfi
3rd Tony James

Women’s 200m Sprints
1st Cat Orme
2nd Roschelle Hawton
3rd Mel Millen

Women’s 400m Sprints
1st Kylie Jakins
2nd Cat Orme
3rd Mel Millen

Men’s Master 200m Sprints
1st Patrick Trevor-Jones
2nd Nick McDonald
2nd Frank Swindells
4th James Ivison

Men’s Master 400m Sprints
1st Patrick Trevor-Jones
2nd Nick McDonald
3rd Tony Nahrung

Women’s Master 200m Sprints
1st Wendy King
1st Karen Tate
3rd Tracey Mouque

Women’s Master 400m Sprints
1st Wendy King
2nd Karen Tate
3rd Tracey Mouque

Junior 200m Sprints
1st Kai Millen
2nd Kyle Trevor-Jones
3rd Cody Horsfall

Speciality awards
Stephen Bradbury Award – Brad Ridolfi
Nupping Award – Roschelle Hawton
Dark Horse Award – Tony Nahrung
Trooper Award – Wendy King
Iron Man Award – Cody Horsfall

Team Relay Sprints
1st 2 Tone
2nd Team Ice
3rd Dino Ducks

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