With the N1SCO season into gear, stop #1 completed and a ton of fun, I was excited to head across to Adelaide to catch up with the SA SUP Crew and Matt Stringer from WIND SUP, the hosts of our N1SCO 2015 Stop #2.

Adelaide is the driest city in Australia and rain is something that you never have to consider when planning an event “usually”. However to my surprise as we set up for the 2nd stop of the 2015 N1SCO Australian Tour, it started to rain. Only a few drops, and it soon cleared off and left us with a magical day. To our luck this did not turn off the competitors, arriving by the car load and ready for action.

The beautiful Tiranna Way Reserve on West Lakes provided us an amazing arena with easy access and a perfect race coarse that suited N1SCO to a tee. The day kicked into action with the 400m sprints up first. 4 heats and a final kept everyone pumped and energized with just enough time to catch your breath before the 200m. The 200m Sprint battled through 5 heats and a final. In great form every competitor lined up for the distance, which was done in 2 waves and timed. The distance was 2.7km and consisted of rounding two bridges. Two powerhouses shone as the broke from the fleet in both waves, Fuzz (President of SA SUP Crew) and Bleechy lead their individual races with room to spare, however this was a time race, and that’s how placing’s were decided.

Once everyone had returned to the beach and composed them selves, it was time for the relay and my favorite part of the event. Competitors grouped up to make their teams and most importantly come up with a name, the rules (or lack of rules) was explained, then it was on for young and old.

The day was a huge success with smiles, laughs and a lot hugs and high fives, a scene we see after every N1SCO event. N1SCO really is a great fun and friendly environment for social exciting racing and a great get together for all.


Women’s 200m Sprints
1st Jacqui Hockaday
2nd Rachael Anderson
3rd Liz Guilthus

Women’s 400m Sprints
1st Jacqui Hockaday
2nd Rachael Anderson
3rd Anthea Williams

Women’s Distance Race
1st Jacqui Hockaday (0:21.25)
2nd Rachael Anderson (0:22.08)
3rd Anthea Williams (0:23.04)

Men’s 200m Sprints
1st Jack Bleach
2nd Matt Stringer
3rd Danny Lee

Men’s 400m Sprints
1st Matt Stringer
2nd Jack Bleach
3rd Dean Vince

Men’s Distance Race
1st Jack Bleach (0:19.23)
2nd John Gerinelt (0:20.05)
3rd Phil (Fuzzy) Pretty (0:20.09)

Mixed Relay 4 x 100m
1st Murphey’s Law. (Travis Murphey, Jack Bleach, Steve Bowon, Jacqui Hockaday)
2nd The String-a-long’s. (Matt Stringer, Tony Moyse, Barry Brady, Quinn McPherson)
3rd The 74’s. (Rhys Maclean-Currie, Brett Marsland, John Gerinelt, Rachael Anderson)