Last Stop #8 of the 2014 Australian N1SCO Series Bigger Than Ever!

It has been an amazing year of N1SCO racing in Australia with events spaning all corners of the country, and July 13th was no exception for the 8th and final stop of the 2014 calendar.

The mining and sugar cane town of Mackay located on the central coast of Queensland was the venue for the last event for 2014. With well over 60 entrants, including plenty of Female and Junior competitors, the day was non-stop action from start to finish.

Back to back heats of 100m, 400m sprints and 6km races took place in 30 heats across the divisions against a spectacular backdrop to entertain a roaring crowd.

The Female division delivered the most competitive racing with super close finishes and sprint battles in nearly every heat! And in true N1SCO style, the Junior’s stole the show, not only during the racing but any chance to get on the Naish ONE’s and get wet!

The real stand out is the overwhelming expression of “FUN” from everyone as smiles and laughs flooded the shores…especially as the day wrapped up with a fun relay of 10 teams consisting of 4 competitors, each franticly battling it out in a mad short course relay.

Another great N1SCO season for the books in Australia!


Men’s Open:

1st – John Cherry
2nd – Liam Fulcher
3rd – Tim Ey

1st – John Cherry
2nd – Rob Templeton
3rd – Rod DenElzen

1st – Dan Palfrey (38min32sec)
2nd – Marty Strecker (38min44sec)
3rd – Rob Templeton (38min51sec)


1st – Chrissy DenElzen
2nd – Mel Smith
3rd – Tenille Galea

1st – Chrissy DenElzen
2nd – Maata Strecker
3rd – Mel Smith

1st – Chrissy DenElzen (42min21sec)
2nd – Maata Strecker (43min26sec)
3rd – Awinha Nepia  (43min49sec)


1st – Kai Millen
2nd – Lachy Farhquhar
3rd – Toby Strecker

1st – Kai Millen
2nd- Lachy Farhquhar
3rd – Johahn Strecker

1st TEAM- Mullehrin Kite Club
2nd  TEAM- Grunters
3rd TEAM- Oreos

Photos: John Messenger / Naish Australia