Imagine being able to go on vacation and take your SUP board with you or travel to a competition anywhere in the world with your board in a small duffle bag – damage and hassle free!



slide1For many people the Naish ONE provides huge advantages over a conventional composite board. The drop stitch technology and 6” thick construction of the Naish ONE provide incredible rigidity previously unheard of with inflatable boards:

  • Hassle free storage and transport
  • The Naish ONE is the perfect recreational touring and racing board for all performance levels
  • Lightweight (only 10,8 kg/24 lbs.) and can be carried with ease – on your back, on a bike, in your car . . .
  • Easy to handle & travel with – stores in a backpack, can be checked on a plane, no excess baggage, no roof racks needed . . .
  • Fast and highly competitive for paddlers of any weight or size
  • Nearly indestructible and ding proof
  • Soft touch surface is safer in terms of cuts, scrapes, and bruises
  • Long lasting