On August 31, 2013, Union Lido Park & Resort in Jesolo, Italy was full of a wide range of Naish SUP enthusiasts who couldn’t wait to take part in the N1SCO Sprint Distance/ Elimination Series!

Participants competed in four main categories: Men, Women, Boys & Juniors, and the competitive spirit was enormously present as the direct elimination sprint races took to the beach as everyone grabbed their Naish ONE inflatable sup boards!

Congratulations to all those that participated – it was an amazing event that ended with lots of wine and spaghetti!

Full results:

1st: Nicola Bizzarini
2nd: Gianluca Michieli
3rd: Andreas Pöhler

1st: Erika Barausse
2nd: Carolin Deistler
3rd: Maria Vok

1st: Andrea Forte
2nd: Anna Riechel
3rd: Julian Hämmerle

Junior: (under 10 yrs old):
1st: Leonardo Secchiati
2nd: Simone Dei Rossi
3rd: Jeremy Burlando