August 22, 2015, Cavallino, Venice–It was a beautiful sunny day in Cavallino, Venice for the Union Lido N1SCO SUP race. There were 42 contestants with ages ranging from 6 to 54 years old. Participants traveled from parts of Italy, Austria and Germany to race in this event. A big thank you goes out to Action to Sport Italy for materials, Daniele Scarpa for the help, and Union Lido camping for the location.

Race Results: 

1. Bertoni Giovanni
2. Vidotto Matteo
3. Secchiati Bianca

1. Mavaracchio Celeste
2. Tagliapietra Vera
3. Secchiati Leonardo

1. Deistler Carolin
2. Rossetto Simonetta
3. Deitz Nicole

1. Pöhler Andreas
2. Bertoni Silvio
3. Secchiati Alessandro

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