2015 N1SCO – Lake Biwa Paddle Challenge

September 13, 2015, Kyoto, Japan—With near perfect conditions and a huge turn out of strong competitors, it was another successful N1SCO race at the 2015 Naish One Lake Biwa Paddle Challenge in Kyoto, Japan.

The event consisted of a 5 km long distance and a 100 m sprint race with 60 men and 11 women participants. While the event was competitive and challenging, it was also full of friendly camaraderie and family fun.

Already in town for the Victoria Cup Hayama Pro, Naish team riders Kai Lenny and Noa Ginella stopped by the N1SCO race to provide encouragement and coaching. According to Kai, the scenery was gorgeous with lush green mountains and clear blue skies. “The atmosphere was awesome with light breezes and cool comfortable temperatures. The people who were there dedicated their entire weekend with their families to enjoying the event.”

Congratulations to all that competed in this successful race with their Naish ONE inflatables! We look forward to the next N1SCO event in Japan.

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